THE PROJECT RepertoirePluS

Plurilingual Repertoires of South Tyrolean students:
survey, description and usage in multilingual learning scenarios

The project “RepertoirePluS” (2016-2019) has been set up to study the linguistic repertoires of students aged 12 to 15 who attend the lower and upper secondary schools of the German, Italian and Ladin language groups in South Tyrol, Italy.

The main research questions of the project are:

  • How diverse are the linguistic repertoires of students in South Tyrol? 
  • What kind of plurilingual competences do they have?
  • How do they use their “plus” of plurilingualism in interactive learning scenarios and how do they perceive this experience?

The answers to these questions are of central interest to the further development of multilingual didactics.
By showing how to describe the scope and the usage of linguistic repertoires, “RepertoirePluS” can offer support to more effectively plan multilingualism curricula and assess plurilingual competences.